Welcome to the Wood Badge Ticket System

The Wood Badge Ticket is designed to aid in the communication of ticket(s) from the participant to the ScoutMaster and all of the steps in between. Once the participant enters a ticket into the system the assigned Troop Guide gets notified by email. The Troop Guide can either enter notes about the ticket so that the participant can improve the ticket or approve the ticket. The ticket works its way up the chain of command to the ScoutMaster. The participant can see the status of the all of his/her tickets, and the Troop Guides can see all of the tickets in the patrol.

This system was initially created during N6-544-11-1 in the New Birth of Freedom Council in the Spring of 2011. It is still a work in progress. If you have any helpful suggestions to the system please send them to me: cinaciojr@gmail.com.

Step 1: Tell me about you by updating the account information including Course Number, Patrol, Position, Unit.

Step 2: Participants: Can then enter tickets assuming the course has been set up. Administrators: Set up the email addresses of the people helping run the course under the administration button.